A Huge Part of my Son’s Life

A Huge Part of my Son’s Life
June 14, 2019

How has his training made Steven into the person he is today?
FMAC has been such a huge part of my son Steven’s life in so many ways, they have shown him perseverance and trying his best to succeed at reaching the goal of receiving his black belt. Steven started at the studio when he was around 5 years old, he attended classes two times a week sometimes more than what was required of him. Dr. Len and Mr. Len and all of the staff at FMAC have been a tremendous influence on Steven throughout his life, showing him that with hard work and patience you can achieve that goal you are trying to reach! And that goal was achieved when he turned 13 he received his black belt and now he will soon be turning 18 years old and is a 2016 graduate from Leominster high school!

Which Black Belt Character helped Steven the most growing up?
I would say that the character that has helped Steven develop into who he is as a person today, would be Perseverance! Where not only had to attend karate class twice a week for the amount of time it took him to achieve on getting his black belt. He also showed perseverance during his high school years especially his Junior and Senior year. He became very anxious about going to school and became physically sick because of not liking it, but he got through it and is now a high school graduate! Because of his perseverance and completing a goal of his to graduate. I think it’s important for kids to want to reach a goal and stick with it and with hard work and determination you can set your mind to what you’re trying to achieve!