FMAC is a Real Family Atmosphere

FMAC is a Real Family Atmosphere
June 14, 2019

How has Maria’s training made her into the person she is today?
Maria has been a part of the FMAC family for about 4 years now. And I use the word “family” because that is what the atmosphere feels like. Since she began, I have seen her grow into a well rounded, responsible young adult, and I know that her time at FMAC has contributed to that. A child’s self-esteem is always a source of anxiety for parents/guardians, and that is one area that Maria has grown into that the whole family is proud of. She also takes home the teachings from the studio and applies them at home. I hear her using the words “Perseverance” and “Integrity” when talking to others and it makes me proud that she is referencing the positive things she has learned at FMAC. Finally, the group of friends that Maria and I have both made are wonderful and cherished relationships. It comforts me to know that she has friends that are being taught and using the same set of life lessons that she is.

Which Black Belt Character helped Maria the most growing up?
I think she has developed in ALL the characters, but I would have to say Modesty is the one that stands out the most for me. Maria has many things to be proud of, she has had perfect attendance in school from first grade on. She always has a high honors report card. She won the Janet Craigen award, as well as many other accomplishments over the years. I think all of those things are from incorporating all of the Black Belt Characters into her life. But I have never seen or heard Maria act in a way that is not Modest. If anything, she usually tries to put other people in the spot light and keep her spot light to a minimum. She will be the first one to help anyone and enjoys seeing other people succeed without taking credit for herself.