FMAC Made My Son A Great Young Man

FMAC Made My Son A Great Young Man
June 14, 2019

How has your training made you into the person you are today?
My wife heard about this studio called Family Martial Art Center and thought that it would be good for “PJ” Patrick because we both thought he was a very shy kid and kept his head down all the time when anyone wanted to talk to him. Low self esteem. He was three years old at the time. We tried Baseball..Soccer, but that didn’t help him make new friends or anything else. She signed him up for class,I was not so sure about it. You can say I was a skeptic. I remember that first class all he was doing was running around on the floor with the Teacher calling his name out to settle down. I thought to my self what a waste of money and time. I have to say after a few weeks and then Months I saw the change in him. Not only he learned Karate he was showing confidence and abilities I never seen from him. Sure he had days he didn’t want to go but we thought as parents you make a commitment with something you should stick with it. Once he got to class he was glad he came in. Once he got to Orange belt he wanted to get into the Black Belt Club. Then He was asked By Mr. Len and Dr. Len To be a helper. He was so excited. He slowly moved up the ranks of Storm team ,then Red coat. I was seeing my shy son becoming a fine young man. It was the icing on the cake when he got his Black belt. No small thing but I knew he could do it with FMAC helping him. He’s sixteen now and just got his drivers license. Karate has been his been his whole life. FMAC and a little help from Mom and Dad is what made my son a great young man. Thank You FMAC!!

Which Black Belt Character helped you the most?
Perseverance for sure! When ever he had that day he really didn’t want to go Robin and I didn’t force him to go. We guided him as parents and helped him understand the importance of dedication to something that would eventually be awarding to him. After that he did all the work!!