Made Life-Long Friends and Family at FMAC

Made Life-Long Friends and Family at FMAC
June 14, 2019

How has Ethan’s training made him into the person he is today?
FMAC has been part of our lives since 2007… and in that time Ethan has made life long friends and family. Besides earning a black belt he has learned lessons and values that he uses in school and at home. Ethan has always been full of energy and karate has taught him self control. We have always been amazed how focused he is when learning or teaching forms. Along with the focus, Ethan has learned to persevere. Not just with karate but at home and with school and sports. He commits himself to accomplishing his goals. Now that Ethan is older and a black belt we are happy that he has not lost his passion for karate. He has found a love for teaching the younger students and he sees himself in some. We are very proud of Ethan for all he has accomplished and thankful to FMAC for contributing to his success!

Which Black Belt Character helped Ethan the most growing up?

Ethan has developed perseverance the most..from a young age Ethan had to work on forms, practice to move up on belts and struggled with focus. This character is important for kids to learn at a young age: work hard and commit to a goal. Even when the goal is difficult you need to commit and plug away at it. When this trait is developed it helps not only in karate but in school and home. Ethan has learned how to identify a goal and what steps it will take to attain it. If an obstacle is in his way he keeps going and finds the supports if he needs it. Ethan showed true perseverance last year with his leg…he was determined to get back and stay on track!! Now with teaching he encourages the kids to focus, push through it and challenges them.