My kids have grown by leaps and bounds

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I found FMAC through Google mainly because I had moved from Leominster to Fitchburg and couldn’t find an after school program that fit my budget and hours. As a (mostly) single parent a good after school program is important to me. My daughter has some mental health issues which causes her to have sensory overload and extreme emotions at times. The staff at FMAC have always been very kind and helpful to assist her when she needed extra help. As an added bonus she got to begin Karate at the beginning of the school year. Though she’s had her ups and downs, she remains dedicated to Karate and has really grown as a person. Shortly after her, at the advice of my son’s therapist, my son joined karate in the Karate Kids class. Boy was I nervous. Both of my kids have a wild spirit. My son has excelled in Karate and loves going every week. My kids were not in the best mental shape when we started here at FMAC and have grown by leaps and bounds. I always hear how terrible of a place Fitchburg is, but honestly moving here was the best thing I could’ve done for them. We were meant to find FMAC, and I’m so happy we did. I know my kids are going to be okay because of it. Not only are they taught to do kenpo, but they are instilled with morals and values. A lot of that is lost in our world, but it comes alive here. I could not recommend FMAC enough to others. It truly is my favorite part of each week to spend with my kids.

June 14, 2019