The people at this studio care about me

The people at this studio care about me
June 14, 2019

How has your training made you into the person you are today?
Going through life as a child, and growing into a young adult with Un-diagnosed Sensory Integration Disorder was not easy. My mother, Before my diagnosis tried desperately to find some thing to ground my ever over stimulated body. She tried to find answers that no one in my schools cared to find. She tried to find an activity for me that was not rushed, that was not a group sport with under sensitive team mates, and coaches that didn’t understand that no amount of catching practice would help me understand where the ball was, in relation to my hand. Then she found Dr. Len Brassard, A child Physiologist, and a kind, caring man that owned a Kenpo studio. I will always remember my first cab ride and walking through the doors for the first time. I was absolutely terrified. I was never going to be able to do this, I thought as I watched my future instructor, Mr. Troy’s arm slice through the air the first time I saw star block set. “I will never get this”, I said to him. He explained the upward block to me, and he said it was the most important block. His arm swung and my hand did not go up in time. His closed fist touched my forehead and a tear fell from my eye, It was another thing that ” was not for me”. Another swing of his arm was coming but this time he guided my other arm and grounded the Confidence in me to try again, my block met his arm and even though he helped, I accomplished it. All night we worked three blocks. I saluted off of the mat that night and knew that the people at this studio cared about me. I knew that Dr. Len Brassard taught his teachers how to care as well, and how to teach, and interact with families from all walks of life. Later In life a diagnosis came, and a plan for extensive amounts of therapy, But I had found everything I needed as far as therapeutic needs go. Support, Encouragement, Physical training, Life Lesson talks, and Character Development are all wonderful, and truly invaluable aspects of the FMAC program. As a student I felt the nurturing surroundings and flourished, in my training and in my own skin. As a teacher, I can say that every pair of uncertain eyes will be met with reassurance, and perseverance. Your child is the reason we come in every night, the reason FMAC carrys on with Kenpo, Because it is not Just karate, It is true compassion in our community.

Which Black Belt Character helped you the most growing up?
When we end the class with our student creed. We are making a promise to salute off the mat and carry on developing our character in every aspect of our life. I began this journey with no idea how to begin, but in wanting so bad to learn, Indomitable Spirit started growing into my spirit naturally with every new daunting tasks completion. As students at FMAC we are given an environment where character and who we are as people are the most important aspects of our training, in this environment growth is truly attainable. Family Martial Arts Center has enabled me to grow, far beyond imagined. And also given means to work on, and attain a truly life changing attribute, Indomitable Spirit